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  • 🌹REFUSE TO HAVE DRY, MANIC HAIR: Our boar bristle hair brush easily penetrates through normal and thick hair, daily used helps to re-distribute oil from the scalp down the follicle to the ends of hair. Heal dry, brittle hair while removing excess oil, makes hair smooth and adds shine (A regular hair comb can’t nourish the ends of your hair )
  • 🌷ELABORATE, EXQUISITE CRAFT: Carefully selected bristles and handmade nylon ball tips ensure quality. The nylon balls are round and never fall off easily when handled with skill. Can help massage your scalp and penetrate your thick hair to assist in smoothing hair without causing breakage like a plastic hairbrush would.
  • 🌹FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: The boar bristle hair brushes is great for thick, thin, curly, long, short, wet or dry hair. Suitable as a holiday gift for your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, or a new mom. A great day begins with your hair.
  • 🌷EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN: The ergonomic wooden paddle handle feels comfortable. This easy to use brush gives you all the benefits of boar bristle . It is necessary to clean these hairbrushes regularly to ensure your hair stays healthy. Use a hairbrush cleaner tools or tweezers make it easy and fast to keep it clean.
  • 🌹QUALITY ASSURANCE, WORRY-FREE SHOPPING: We offer an unqualified full refund or replacement for 60 days with a 12-month warranty for quality. Our customer service is always at your service. Add to your cart now to enjoy your new boar bristle hairbrush.


hair brush

Natural wooden Boar Bristle Paddle Hair Brush Add Hair Comb For Thick Fine Curly Straight Dry and Damaged Hair

URTHEONE boar bristle hair brush is a unique combo hair brushes of naturel boar bristles and detangling nylon pins. It is easily penetrates through fine, normal, thick, coarse hair or beard that both detangles stubborn knots and massage your scalp.

Wild bristles are recognized as the thinnest and straitest natural materials in the world. It is the most similar to human hair. The skin feels comfortable when fully touching the epidermis and spreads nourishing oils from scalp all along the length of your hair.

boar bristle brush

New Upgraded Hairbrush to Give You the 6 Benefits

  • Brush Gently Through any Tangles
  • Reduces Hair Breakage and Frizz
  • Conditioning & Improve Hair Texture
  • Repairs Dry Hair
  • Cleans Hair and Increase Shine
  • Stimulates and Massage Scalp

Long-term use of URTHEONE boar bristle hairbrush makes your hair healthy and smoothy, is best for all hair types, especially those who is struggling with hair problems of hair lossing, frizz, split ends, scalp itching or greasy will benefit the most when use this boar bristle with nylon pins hairbrushes.

14774 reviews for URTHEONE Hair Brush Boar Bristle

  1. David Stevens

    Seems well made and works well with my thick hair.

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  9. Lisainort

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  10. Deisy Cerero

    So far I have not seen any difference as far as hair shine, smoothness and it actually brushes away my semi curls.

  11. Kiainort

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  12. Kimberly Prust

    Omg!!! Fantabulous!!! I bought 1 and loved it so I had to buy 4 more!!! Love them!!!!

  13. Amyinort

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  14. Kandi osburn

    The boar bristles are nice but the bristles that stick out further are quite hard. I have to hold my hair out to brush it in order for my hair to go through the boar bristles which are shorter.

  15. Lissette Aportela

    The dual bristles help my son with his thick hair.

  16. Cassi Oldham

    I bought this brush for my daughter. She is very sensitive when it comes to brushing her hair. No issues or complaints from her.

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  18. Pooja Ravichandra

    Very good brush.makes my hair and scalp feel really good

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  22. Lucia Bosco

    Great product! I would definitely recommend to friends and family!

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  24. Vinodhini Ravichandran

    Good product with good reviews

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  28. Anindhiya Ojha

    The product is really great. It leaves my hair shiny and manageable.

  29. Amyinort

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  30. Crystal Dawn Owens

    This is the first brush of its kind that I had. I don’t know if it’s the best out there but its good.

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  33. Gayle Carlson

    Would like it if plastic bristles were more flexible

  34. Jake harper

    Brush seems to work fine. Have only tried it once so far.

  35. Nishant Kardani

    Product was very simple yet made with quality
    Will probably be using this new brush daily.

  36. Alicia Grajeda

    I like that it doesn’t tangle my long hair at the ends like normal brushes do. Very easy to clean

  37. Ashley Meyer

    Wow!! So I permed my hair about a month ago and my hair has been getting so tangled, it literally would take me 20 minutes or so trying to detangle my long hair before showering. Even though I know it’s bad to do on wet hair I started detangling in the shower with a wide comb and conditioner, even that took forever and I was getting a TON of breakage (seriously fist fulls with every wash)! I knew there had to be a better way and this brush is it!! I literally was able to brush through my dry hair, remove all tangles in like 1 minute flat! It just glided right through my hair so effortlessly without pulling. That is amazing! Like I am seriously in love with this brush!! Thank you so much!! I am so glad I tried it!

  38. Holly

    Hard to blow dry hair with because so big and my hair gets tangled around it.

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  40. Carlinort

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  41. Zenda Willcut

    Love this brush! I use it every night before I go to bed

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  45. Roland Kitsis

    This brush os a great add on to my morning routine in the shower

  46. Roland Kitsis

    T h i s b r u s h i s r e a l l y g o o d.

  47. Sharon Stillwell

    I think it’s love it a lot it’s different from the ones I’ve used in past

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  50. Karen Thomas

    Very handy and great and easy to carry around

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