Boar Bristle Hair Brush and Comb Set for Women Men Kids

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  • 🌹For all hair types: Our hair care products packed with 1*boar bristle brush, 1*mini brush, 1*hair combs, Suitable for women mens kids with long short thick thin curly straight natural dry or wet hair, for daily use and travel.
  • 🌹Benefits: Boar bristle hair brush made of 70% boar hair mix 30% nylon pins easily penetrates through normal and thick hair, daily used helps to re-distribute oil from the scalp down the follicle to the ends of hair. Heal dry, brittle hair while removing excess oil, makes hair smooth and adds shine.
  • 🌹The exquisite and small travel brush: Designed for your trip or in your makeup bag. The unique and lovely design is also very suitable for children to easily brush through the hair tangles without pain or pulling.
  • 🌹Easy to use, easy to clean: The ergonomic wooden paddle handle feels comfortable. This easy to use brush gives you all the benefits of boar bristle. Wide toothed pointed tail combs are perfect for wet hair and styling, you can also use it easily remove hair from the boar brush without damaging it.
  • 🌹Quality assurance, worry-free shopping: We offer an unqualified full refund or replacement for 60 days with a 12-month assurance for quality. Our customer service is always at your service.
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Natural wooden Boar Bristle Paddle Hair Brush Add Hair Comb For Thick Fine Curly Straight Dry and Damaged Hair

URTHEONE boar bristle hair brush is a unique combo hair brushes of naturel boar bristles and detangling nylon pins. It is easily penetrates through fine, normal, thick, coarse hair or beard that both detangles stubborn knots and massage your scalp.

Wild bristles are recognized as the thinnest and straitest natural materials in the world. It is the most similar to human hair. The skin feels comfortable when fully touching the epidermis and spreads nourishing oils from scalp all along the length of your hair.

What’s in the package?

1- Paddle Brush

1- Mini &Travel Brush

1- Hair Comb

1- Gift Box

896 reviews for Boar Bristle Hair Brush and Comb Set for Women Men Kids

  1. Malida ABELSON

    Love this package combo and the design. It’s lightweight and simple but with a cute butterfly. Came with travel brush which is a must for me since my hair constantly needs to be brushed out, and love how big the wife tooth comb is. Even came with a carrying case for the small brush and little hair ties.

  2. Jay Shah

    The product is good. My hair doesn’t fall off.

  3. Jami Schleisner

    This is the best hair brush ever. I have not been able to find one that works for my daughter that complains all the time.

  4. Dulguun Tumenjargal

    I like the smooth heads of the brush teeth, also the perfect size of a large and small brushes.

  5. Sara

    It was affordable and great quality. I was looking for a soft boar bristle brush and this couldn’t have been a better option.

  6. Jenna Farnsworth

    Made my hair feel silky and soft.

  7. Olivia banks

    It is perfect. I really like the product and helps my hair and scalp. Wish I gotten it sooner.

  8. Tyler Palma

    Works perfectly, love it…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  9. Nicole Bond

    Thanks. I will be sharing this well made brush with my family

  10. Austin Roberts

    I love the products. Strong to detangle and keep smooth.

  11. Liu qian

    I liked the products that your company makes the brushes are very effective and that is why I like them so much and they are very soft and very useful indeed

  12. David Mora

    The brush went through my normally very knotty hair, like silk. Very little hair was pulled out. I am pleased with both sizes. Also like the what I think are rubber bands that came with it.

  13. Tyrelle Erickson

    It seems to brush well and not tangle.
    I’m curious with my thick curly hair how it will hold up over time…that is the ultimate test of any brush. Seems solid.

  14. Agil Dela Cruz

    It’s amazing! I love it a lot. Works well and do the job perfectly!

  15. Rosalyn hovey

    My daughter and I love our brush

  16. Ashley Reilly

    Dicha a great quality product!

  17. LeiLani Doornbosch

    I have thick hair and psoriatic arthritis, and am allergic to virtually all cosmetic and shampoo products. Anything to help my scalp is a godsend – and this brush set is amazing. It’s got enough stiffness, with the plastic bristles, to get through my thick hair (thick enough I get a comment about it every time I go to a salon) – and the added boar bristles does a great job of smoothing my hair. I’ve only had this a short while so still waiting to see how well it works to help my scalp long-term, but I’m hopeful.

    I’m also pleasantly impressed by the smooth wooden handle = and was tickled to get the detangling comb, something I didn’t have but had planned to buy separately!

    My granddaughter claimed the smaller brush instantly, which didn’t bother me a bit. It works beautifully on her hair, too.

  18. seung lee

    bristle and weight is nice but i wish there was more cushion. I bought this to try and massage my scalps to slow down hair loss, but the lack of cushion on the padding hurts my head.

  19. Jennifer Miyata

    I love how my hair feels so soft and smooth after brushing. I also love how my scalp is messaged by the bristles.

  20. Minelly Krystal Gonzalez

    Made with great quality. Bristles are not hard on the scalp and perfect for all hair types!

  21. Mina Timmons

    Great brush for myself and my daughter. I also have very long hair and this definitely is better than any brush I bought elsewhere

  22. Molly

    Amazing product. It works really well! I will definitely buy this product again! It was a great price! Great quality and great price

  23. Jessica D Van Esselstyn

    Works out my knots without tearing my hair and makes it soft with no frizz.

  24. Cheryl T. Golson

    I love the design of the brush! Also, I love the travel brush and how sturdy the comb is.
    My daughter is going to purchase a set for my granddaughter. Looking forward to doing her hair not being such a painful experience….


    Like it so far, have been noticing a few boar hairs on the counter, hopefully there are just a few loose ones since its new. Like the travel size, haven’t used the comb yet.

  26. Charlene Grace Perkins

    It goes thru my thick curly hair very nicely. I hope in time with regular use it will impart a natural sheen to my hair.

  27. Beverly Sharifian

    Works very well. Love the travel size as well

  28. Michael Quintas

    I love your product, I will buy more

  29. Anna Albright

    I like the design and materials of this comb. My hair feels great after using it. Highly recommend!

  30. Katie Glunt

    I like this product because it made my hair nice, silky, and soft. I love it!!

  31. Olivia Ponce

    I’m very excited to start using this! Love the set and the travel brush/bag perfect to throw in my car and not worry about it getting dirty!

  32. Caitlin Bailey

    Love this brush set! It’s so soft and doesn’t pull my hair. The smaller brush will be perfect for my purse!

  33. Joyce Sperry

    My hair is much smoother from daily brushing and these brushes feel so good on my head!

  34. bernardo tuckler

    i love the way my hair look after i used it love it thank you

  35. Justin Boss

    Only brushed my hair once. Already in love.

  36. Connie Lopez

    Thank you for the rubber bands the brushes came with.

  37. Chassidy Bell

    There were many options for boar brushes on Amazon, but this was absolutely the best price plus it came with additional brushes. That is absolutely amazing! I also think this is a very sturdy one compared to other ones I’ve tried where the bristles were not as tough.

  38. Alexa Torak

    The bristles are amazing and make my hair look very healthy! I love the brush and would recommend it to anyone!

  39. Lindsay Breckenridge

    I love the brush, it’s exactly what I was looking for at the right price.

  40. Caroline Nacion

    The craftsmanship of the product is of good quality. The bristles of the brush are gentle to the scalp and the comb easily detangles the hair strands.

  41. Julie Marsala-Pruitt

    I love that the product is gentle on my scalp. One thing I absolutely don’t like is that it smells like petroleum. If the product hold up well and no hair loss I will be sharing with my family. Thank you!

  42. Kim Smith

    I just received it today and used it once. I like it so far and I love the design.

  43. Goda olin

    Product looks great. No complaints

  44. Bridgette Bain

    I got this set to share with my niece, we love it.

  45. Adriana Chavez

    I really love this product! It works amazing! This is the third time I purchase it!

  46. Joy Nakagawa

    I just got it a day ago. I need more time to use it.

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