URTHEONE Hair Brush 3 in 1 Set

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  • GET 3 IN 1 HAIR BRUSH SET: Detangler paddle brush, scalp massage shampoo brush, and fine&wide teeth hair comb.This hair brush set include most styles of brush to meet your whole family’s different hair care needs.It is the perfect GIFT SETS for women men and kids.
  • REVOLUTIONARY DETANGLE HAIR BRUSH:Unlike ordinary hair brushes, our detangler hair brush does not rip or pull out the knotted hair. These painless soft plastic bristles will glide through any hair type combing out tangles with ease and comfort, make your hair shine, massage the scalp and increase circulation, which may help increase hair growth.
  • FUNCTIONAL STYLING HAIR COMB: This high quality durable plastic comb is perfect for daily styling and easy to store(Has a special hook to hang on the dresser, this unique design also can be used to parting of your hair) Fit for all hair types and beards.
  • HAIR SCALP MASSAGER SHAMPOO BRUSH:Excellent scalp massager is suitable for whom has long and manicured nails, you won’t damage your manicure during washing hair anymore. Scalp massager with soft thick silicone bristles stimulate blood flow to the scalp and oil glands (Deep clean and exfoliate the scalp).
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: With every Urtheone product, in case a customer receives a defective item or the product does not fit or work as expected, we will replace it for free or refund the order. If any quality problem arises in use, you will get a replacement or a full refund for a lifetime.


hair brush set

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Our daily shower time is the best time for us to relax.Maybe we can have a parent-child game, which will be more fun.We are always looking for a healthier and more natural way to take care of our hair.With less shampoo and conditioner,no more pulling and breaking, style your hair as you wish.This 3-in-1 hair brush and comb set fulfills these needs without wasting more time looking for different brushes

28 reviews for URTHEONE Hair Brush 3 in 1 Set

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  2. Ashley Chona

    I love the packaging that your product came in!! It is super cute! I also really love how your hair brush feels.

  3. Margaret Sadler

    Very nice brush with attractive packaging and lovely extras…ie hair scrunched and item to remove hair from brush. It feels like you are getting a scalp massage when you are brushing your hair!!

  4. Graispsix

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  5. Corinn Crawford

    I find that the brush smoothly moves through my curly hair and facilitates in styling my curls!

  6. Alysia Nieves

    I like that it has a nice long handle. I also like that it came with scrunchies and something to clean it with.

  7. Sabrina L Cordova

    I love this brush! Works great in my curly hair.. Already told several people how great it is.

  8. Jessica Cruz

    The package come with all the items and package is cute.

  9. aniko pot

    This is the only brush that combs through my little girl’s coarse hair without pain and gets rid of tangles.

  10. Madison Nelson

    It is cute and I like it. I got 2 tan scrunchies and 1 pink scrunchie instead of the advertised scrunchies.

  11. Kristie Hatch

    Just got it and love it so far!!

  12. Cecilia Santibanez

    Perfect for thick long hair and it’s easy to get knots out. The handle should have some sort of grip to be more comfortable but overall it’s great

  13. Katy Field

    I don’t love the handle but I do love everything else about this brush. I love the short think bristles and the long spread out bristles. I think it feels great and it’s good for my kids fine hair too.

  14. Candy

    Made a nice gift to give at this most wonderful time of the year, Christmas. The Birthday of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  15. Veronica Rodriguez

    Amazing product and quality at an affordable price

  16. Taysha Gell

    Love the brush, leaves my hair so smooth. Also love the free scrunches and brush picker!

  17. Sharon Glidden

    Pleasing design. Vibrant colors. Like the hair remover.

  18. Sara Bingaman

    I like how easily it goes through my curly hair

  19. Janiece Jackson

    I just received it. Incredibly fast shipping. I’m excited to try it!

  20. Britny Hughes

    Love the combination of boar bristles and the nylon pin bristles. Beautifully designed. I love the tool that came with the brush to help clean it.

  21. John Izquierdo

    I love it! It detangles my hair so easily and it has such a pretty design!

  22. Aimee Stepp

    Both my teen daughter and I use this brush for our fine, curly hair. Unlike other brushes that catch and tug on our tangles, this URTHEONE brush easily glides through. We love this brush so much that we’ve bought several so we can make sure to have at least one readily available at home and when we travel.

  23. Breana Frazier

    I like the combination of the boat bristles and the nylon. I wear my hair straightened sometimes and it gets frizzy. This brush helps control the frizz and leaves my hair shiny.

  24. Reese Wisdom

    I enjoyed this product very much. I use it a lot and it serves me very well indeed.

  25. Brandie Jo Tucker

    The brush is so cute and well priced, absolutely love the extra gifts. It takes me back to my childhood because my mama used one similar to this

  26. Rosemarie Vetter

    I was looking for a boar bristle brush & this seemed like a good choice. Had never seen a little cleaning tool like that before so thought it would be good to try. My hair isn’t long enough to use the scrunchies but I will either give them to my daughter or wait till I can use them. So far I like all of it.

  27. Louren Loveranes

    The product is great. My daughter and I have been using it and we are happy with it. We found the perfect brush for our hair.

  28. Alexis Guinta

    I just got it in the mail a few minutes ago, but I just tested it out and I like it! The free scrunchies in the box were a cute add on, and the packaging is very nicely done.

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